New Windows and Air Miles

Like redoing your roof, it’s one of those renovations homeowners put off because it seems like such a big project. However, if you need new windows, putting it off will only cost you more time and money in the long-run.  If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get new windows then you should watch out for the signs that your windows are old and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Condensation between the panes


If you notice a build-up of moisture in between the two window panes, then it means the window seals are broken. If your window seals are broken or not working properly then your windows won’t insulate as well as they should. If your windows look cloudy then this is another indication that your window seals are no longer working.

Outside noise seeps in

Broken window seals are no longer effective in keeping outside noise from getting in. If you notice you’re hearing a lot more traffic or neighbourhood noise than usual then your windows may need replacing.

Fading furniture

You may not realize how much of a damaging effect the sun can have on your furnishings. Your carpet, furniture, walls and even your pictures themselves can fade over time from the harmful effects of UV rays. If you’ve noticed that your furniture or carpet is starting to fade (most noticeable when removing picture frames from your walls or re-arranging your furniture) then it’s time to replace them. Newer windows are better able to blocking the sun’s UV rays, sometimes filtering as much as 85 per cent.

Windows don’t move properly

If you have sliding windows, do they stay up when you open them or do they eventually slide slowly to the bottom? If you have crank windows do they get stuck or not lock properly? If so, then it’s time to replace them. Over time, especially if they’re old, windows may not behave as they should.


Have you noticed an extra chill when you walk past one of your windows? Over time windows get air leaks and become drafty and it’s not always easy to plug those leaks. If you are experiencing drafts, then your windows aren’t insulating as well as they should and it’s time to get new windows.

New windows look great and add value to your home but newer windows are also more energy efficient, which can save you money on your hydro bill by insulating your home better. Not to mention, new windows help filter unwanted noise and UV rays. But one of the best reasons to switch to newer windows is that they last longer and can provide a number of benefits to help protect your home and your wallet.


New Window Bonus

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