Single Slider Windows

Single Windows

Offering a sleek appearance and outstanding energy efficiency, EcoTech’s single slider windows are a practical solution for any household.

Featuring advanced structural design, the Energy Star seal of approval, and a fire resistant coating, these windows are a cost effective option for all homeowners. With a welded frame and sash, and an insulating warm edge spacer, EcoTech’s single slider windows will convert your home into an energy efficient, cost effective beautiful space.


  • Smooth operation and durable construction
  • Traditional style window with effective ventilation and Energy Star rating
  • One sash is operational, while the other is fixed
  • External screen can easily be removed at your convenience

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Single slider windows have a standard sash that is fixed, while the other sash slides horizontally. Offering plenty of ventilation, this narrow lined window has a wide viewing area that contains a half mesh to keep the bugs out. It also has a traditional appearance and is classically suited for patios or verandas.

If you are not willing to compromise on performance and are looking for a classical style window, the single slider window will likely be exactly what you’re looking for.  Perfectly contoured and uniquely beautiful, single slider windows can be cleaned with the sash tilted inwards.

And if you are looking for wider openings, these windows can be combined with picture windows, for a breathtaking view of your outdoor landscape.

Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

All of our windows and doors have the Energy Star seal and provide maximum home insulation. Our vinyl windows are more energy-efficient, fire-resistant and modern than wooden or aluminum windows. Canadian-made windows and doors from EcoTech feature advanced structural designs, high quality sealing systems and stunning good looks.

EcoTech Windows & Doors also offers insulated spacers within the sealed glass between window panes to help protect against condensation. We apply low emissive coatings to all our window surfaces to protect against heat loss. At EcoTech, we make sure your home is warm, dry, energy-efficient and beautiful for years to come.

Technology Details

  • Welded frame and sash
  • Triple weather-striping
  • 7/8″ thermoglass with insulating warm edge spacer
  • Optional Low-E + Argon for maximum efficiency and UV protection

Our LoE2 272 EcoSmart Glass Performs Best in Canadian Weather

Single-pane-color 90% 0.86 1.04/- 0.71 0.84
Double-pane-color 82% 0.78 0.48/- 0.58 0.75
Ordinary low-e (air fill) 76% 0.72 0.34/0.30 0.50 0.68
LoE2-272 72% 0.41 0.30/0.25 0.16 0.55

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