Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are looking for windows for your new build, are looking to replace your current windows with an energy efficient alternative, or are looking for specific information about vinyl windows or our service offerings, please take a look at the following frequently asked questions.

Q: What is EcoSmart glass?
EcoSmart glass is designed to keep the heat in during winter and allows the sun’s rays to heat your home, while having the opposite effect during the summer, keeping the cool air in. It’s comprised of triple pane and low-E glass that is double argon chamber filled. EcoSmart glass helps to offset increasing energy costs.

Q: What are the benefits of energy efficient windows?
Energy efficient windows provide homeowners with a variety of benefits, with the primary benefit of helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. Overtime, these energy cost savings help to offset the initial costs of window installation and help to increase the ROI of your total window investment.

Q: Will new vinyl windows save me money on my energy bill?
Absolutely! New vinyl windows are more energy efficient than your old windows. New windows are designed with efficiency in mind, reducing energy loss and helping to regulate the temperate in your home. This will help cut down the cost to heat and cool your home.

Q: Why are vinyl windows increasing in popularity?
Vinyl windows are increasingly becoming the preferred window option for homeowners because in addition to helping lower energy costs, they are available in a large selection of styles, are easy to install, and can be customized to your specifications. Since vinyl is a synthetic material it is very durable, energy efficient and fire resistant, making it an ideal options for replacement windows.

Q: How can I tell if I need new windows?
There are a number of common signs that will help you identify if it’s time for new windows. Noticing they are difficult to open or close, the presence of excessive condensation, air leaks, chipped or peeling paint, and difficulty maintaining your desired temperature in your home are all signs it may be time for new energy efficient windows.

Q: Are vinyl windows easy to clean?
Yes! One of the most attractive features of vinyl windows is that they are very easy to clean. Just use a mix of dish soap and water to clean them and dry with a soft cloth. It’s that simple!

Q: Are vinyl windows environmentally friendly?
Yes! Vinyl windows are one of the most environmentally friendly window opens available. They are made from a synthetic material, making it durable and energy efficient.

Q: Do you offer financing?
Yes! We offer financing for as low as $49 per month as well as offer monthly promotional offers that make financing your window installation with us easy. Contact our sales department to learn more about your financing options. 1-888-880-6827

Q: How much will new windows cost?
The cost of installing new and energy efficient vinyl windows depends on a number of factors, including the number of windows to be installed, the style of windows, and many other factors. Every window installation project is unique, and this is why we recommend you get a got for your window installation.

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