The Key Components of Vinyl Windows

Understanding the key components of vinyl windows will help you to better understand what you should be looking for when shopping for windows for your home. It’s important to know the makeup of the windows you are considering so you can make an educated decision and choose the best windows for your home. Vinyl windows have three main components:

  • Frame
  • Glass
  • Hardware

The following explains the key components of our EcoSmart vinyl windows:


The frame is the part of the window that combines the head, jambs, and sill to create the opening where the window sash fits. Our EcoSmart window frames include the following components:

  • Our frames are made from powder (not from pellets). This makes the frame rigid with no air pockets.
  • Each frame is monolithically constructed in one piece, to make them stronger, sturdy, and durable.
  • We use foam filled frames. This allows the frames to act as a sound barrier and reduce energy transfer, two important elements of a high quality vinyl window.
  • All frames are shadow welded at 473 degrees Fahrenheit with a countered excursion to maximize beautification.
  • Each frame includes a white vinyl strip, which acts as a seal between the sash and the glass.
  • The glass is adhered to the sash using an acrylic blue color tape.


The glass is the most recognizable component of a window. It comes in a number of types, styles and is placed within the window frame. Our EcoSmart glass includes the following components:

  • Each window has a triple seal which is composed of brush and vinyl oil seal. Each window has brush seals and oil seals. Our slider windows have two brush seals and one oil seal, while our casement windows have two oil seals and one brush seal.
  • We use Cardinal Glass. Since 1962, Cardinal has provided the highest quality residential glass products. They are the largest fabricator of sealed insulated glass in North America.
  • Each window uses a super spacer. This acts a space between the two or three panes of glass and helps to prevent moisture from building up. This also prevents mold build up.
  • The space in between glass panes is 1/2” and they are separated by a super spacer and filled with argon gas.
  • Argon gas acts as an insulator and it does not allow energy to penetrate through the glass, helping to keep the cool air out during the winter, and the cool air in during the summer.


People often overlook the importance of high quality window hardware. However, hardware plays a role in the durability and lifespan of your windows. Our EcoSmart glass includes the following hardware components:

  • Our EcoSmart windows include powder coated galvanized steel hinges and hardware are used throughout our windows to prevent oxidization and rust – two common issues with windows.
  • We use a multiple point locking system to solidify the structure of our windows. The system acts like a filing cabinet to ensure our windows stay aligned for their lifetime, with the Sash remaining parallel to the main frame of the window.

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