Types of Window Installation

While most homeowners spend time learning about choosing the right type of energy efficient vinyl windows that reduce your energy costs and improve the level of comfort in your home, they often overlook another important decision when buying windows – the type of window installation.

EcoSmart offers our customers three window installation options: retrofitting, stud to stud installation, and brick to brick installation. The installation option you choose will be dependent on a number of factors including the current state of your current windows, budget, and type of windows to be installed. Consider your options and choose the installation method that makes the most sense for your home.

Here are the three window installation options available to you:

Retrofit / Frame to Frame Window Installations

The one major difference between a new window installation and retrofitted windows is the method used to attach the window frame to the house. If your current windows were installed properly and do not have issues with leaking, then retrofit windows are an good option.

In general, here is how it works:

  • Retrofit installations involve installing new windows on the existing window frames.
  • Installers will remove the inner part of your window, leaving the trim in place.
  • The interior casing and window jamb will remain intact and will not be removed.
  • New windows will be installed within the current frame.
  • Windows will be shimmed and foamed in place.
  • The exterior part of the window will be capped and caulked to prevent water from getting into your frame.
  • Existing casing will be caulked, helping to prevent air leaks and drafts.

Retrofitting your windows is a popular option because it’s the most cost effective option. It is a fast and easy installation process, and you don’t have to worry about tearing up parts of your interior or exterior walls.

Stud to Stud Window Installation

This is a full frame installation for your windows. This involves the removal of your current window frames, casing, and window jamb and replacing them with new windows, jamb and casing. All parts of your existing windows are removed to the studs. New aluminum flashing is also commonly installed and tied into your home structuring. It will be caulked to ensure no water can get into your home. Inside, foam insulation will be applied to ensure no air can get in. Compared to retrofitting this is a more time consuming job.

Brick to Brick Window Installation

Brick to brick window installation is a similar process to stud to stud installation, with the addition of a brick mould being applied to your new vinyl windows. The process involves removing your current window frame, sash, jamb, and casing and replacing it with a new window and vinyl casing and jamb. Once this is complete the space between the wall and brick mould will be foam insulated and caulk sealed to ensure it is water and air resistant.
This is the most extensive and time consuming type of window installation, and as a result, it tends to be the most expensive.

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